This February we bring to you the annual cultural fest of SVNIT, Surat "SPARSH 2014" ! The theme of the fest for this year is "Celebrating Indian Cinema". Calling all the cinema enthusiasts to be a part of the entertaining Bollywood-centric events among many others! We"ll make sure that you stay hooked on to various fantabulous events in the day, which would act as the appetizers for the extravagant cultural cuisines at the pro-nights! The students of SVNIT will put up a show that will mesmerize one and all. And not to forget the celebrity performances! We surely know how to satisfy the convivial nature of our audience! So stay prepared as this February we bring to you 4 'Rapchik' days and 5 'blockbuster' nights that will always follow up in your definition of "Jalwaa".... Come feel the "SPARSH"!


    Being a National Institute of Technology, we have been given the title and the recognition as one of the most honorable institutes of India by the Government of India. And we can certainly claim that we have lived upto the name. Sparsh is the biggest cultural fest of Gujarat and in 23rd edition we are going to raise the bar by organizing the best show ever. Sparsh offers a number of spectacular platforms to their sponsors for branding. We have pro-nights, mega attractions, day events and numerous informal events, each of which grab thousands of eyeballs. We have an envious history of celebrities and personalities visiting our campus in SPARSH which includes Nigel Mead, Lords of Gravity, Pulsar Stunt Mania, Daler Mehndi, Kailash Kher, K.K & Salim-Sulaiman. Our publicity team dedicates themselves to publicize 2 months prior to the fest and covers more than 100 colleges from Gujarat and Maharashtra. Our list of sponsors are highlighted in the city hoardings, Sparsh’s video commercials and posters in other colleges which glimmer throughout the state since 2 months prior to the fest. Apart from our media partners and print partners we get coverage from other networks and print media too. We make our presence felt on social media through our active Facebook & YouTube channels.


    Rahul Gaur || 9428563220 || rgaur1993@gmail.com

    Anshul Katyal || 8905163190 || anshul.katyal@gmail.com

    Shawory Parsana || 9428576925 || parsana.shawory@gmail.com

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    Every day we see people around us. They have stories. We see them, understand them, feel them, but do we ever try to portray them? It is your chance to show us a story in an audio-visual form. It is your chance to make a difference. And this time, it will be bigger and better, going with the theme of our fest, Celebrating Indian Cinemas. So pen down your story, cast your actors, charge your cameras and show us what you have to tell. The genre can be anything.



    No Limit. But ALL the participants should have a valid college ID card. If otherwise, the team will be disqualified.


    Maximum limit of 15 minutes including titles, credits etc.


    First Round- It would involve the shortlisting of select number of films from entries received. This number would dependupon the total entries received.

    Second Round- Shortlisted entries will be judged by an eminent personality from the Indian Film Industry. Name to be announced shortly.

    Judging criteria:

    Effective portrayal of theme, Cinematography, Script, Editing, Acting and overall impact.

    Please Note:

    Movie should be in .avi, .mpeg, .mkv, .mp4 or .wmv format only. .3gp will not be allowed.

    Please avoid unnecessary profanity, violence and use of photo slideshows. However, stop motion animation is allowed.

    It is encouraged that the film be in only either English or Hindi. If any other language is used, then please make use of suitable subtitles, clearly visible throughout the film. Otherwise, the film will not be considered.

    Please refrain from making advertisements, music videos, and spoofs.

    You may use any video camera you deem suitable; however we strongly discourage the use of low resolution cameras including webcams and mobile phone cameras.


    The finished movies should be uploaded on YouTube ( please upload high quality, above 480p ) . Preferably HD.

    After that, a link of the same should be sent to sardesai.sushrut@gmail.com

    Subject of email: VIDEO VISION-SPARSH2014,

    Also give us a call at 9375016936 to confirm your submission. You will receive a confirmation mail after these steps.

    If your movie is shortlisted, then you will be notified at a proper time (Tentatively on 20th February,2014) . It is not required to be present during the movie screening during the fest (schedule will be declared shortly); however it is encouraged that a team member should be present.



    To be declared soon



    Every day we see people around us. They have stories. We see them, understand them, feel them, but do we ever try to portray them? It is your chance to show us a story in an audio-visual form. It is your chance to make a difference. And this time, it will be bigger and better, going with the theme of our fest, Celebrating Indian Cinemas. So pen down your story, cast your actors, charge your cameras and show us what you have to tell. The genre can be anything.


    The event will be organized in two stages. In Round 1, the registered team will have to first submit a brief write up about the social idea on which their skit Is based. This will be followed by a performance at some of the most prominent locations in Surat. At the end of Round I, five teams will be shortlisted for the second round. Round 2: The shortlisted teams will perform the same play at SVNIT during SPARSH 2014


    The team shall consist of maximum of 15 people including 2 instrumentalists (optional).

    The time limit for both the rounds will be 15 mins. inclusive of performance and stage setup.

    The time limit should be adhered to. In case of violation, participants will be penalized by judges.

    An instance of vulgarity or disturbing content of any order will lead to forceful halt of performance and immediate disqualification.

    All the participating teams will have to submit a short synopsis of their scripts at _________________________ (*Use Subject: AAGAZ) after the online registration

    Teams are expected to perform at an open air venue, on a circular stage with audience on all sides.

    Only live music is allowed. Teams will have to bring their own instruments.

    Use of fire/water/smoke machines on stage/in close proximity of stage is not permitted.

    Audience response will have substantial points in scoring criteria.

    Judgment Criteria:
    The teams will be judged on the basis of choice of social cause, justice to the cause, content, acting and expression, audience response, direction and miscellaneous effects.


    worth INR 10000/-

  • Talaash


    Do you claim to have watched more Bollywood movies than anyone else? Do you claim that you are not just a viewer but a keen observer of Bollywood movies? Do you claim to be the know-all when it comes to the genre of Bollywood movies? Well Sherlock, if the answer to the above questions is an affirmative then get ready to capitalize on your knowledge, because SPARSH 2014 brings to you the Bollywood treasure hunt, TALAASH.


    Round 1 will be testing your agility, brio and desire to win. It will be a scavenger hunt where each group will be asked to collect items from the given list in given time. Scoring will be on the basis of time taken and items collected. Only 10 teams will qualify for next round.
    Round 2 will make you leap into the action and churn your facts for you will have to dig deep inside and fathom the outside to earn the brownie points. One clue or riddle will be provided to each team along with a map marked with clues of movie which it might relate to. Each team has to find a specific place based on the clues and map. After reaching the place, team will have to perform a task after which next clue will be given to them. The team reaching the final destination first will win


    (Maximum of 3 students) Vehicle and mobile phones are not allowed.


    Worth INR 8000/-

  • Business Baazigar


    All you budding Tatas, Ambanis, and Mittals, this is the opportunity you all have been waiting for. Show your shrewd financial skills and outfox all your competitors to be crowned the undisputed “Business Baazigar”.


    Participants per team: upto3 (3 max) Registration fee:Rs 100 per team Description: Every team will be given a certain amount of real money at the start of the round. Their task is to multiply this money by doing some business in the stipulated amount of time.


    Worth INR 8000/-



    The game we all grew up playing. It is the ultimate test for the all the musical maestros. If you think you know it all, then this is the place where you wanna be people.



    It will be a written round of 25 questions. 5 questions will be star marked that will be referred to in case of a tie. According to average, 6 teams will be chosen for further rounds.


    Round 2 is a basic antakshri round. Every team has to pick a word from the mukhda and sing a song starting with that word.


    Round 3 will be an audio/visual round.


    This round will be completely an audio round.


    It will be a buzzer round based on visual questions.


    6th round is the dumb charades.


    No. Of rounds: 6 Participation: in teams of 2


    Worth INR 7000/-



    This is a battle of brains as brawns in equal measures; an encounter starting with a form that challenges your wits to hot group discussions and an interesting personal interview. You clear this and then awaits physically tiring events and round leading to a final between you and a fitting opponent, the winner of which will be crowned the Roadie of SVNIT!!


    to be disclosed soon


    Worth INR 5000/-

  • Hungama


    "For tribal man space was the uncontrollable mystery. For technological man it is time that occupies the same role." -Marshall McLuhan Friends! We are in the twenty-first century, living in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. But technology-enabled, we have got used to the idea of being in a tribe of one, loyal to our own party. So...Brace yourselves up as here's a golden opportunity to escape out of this busy and cumbersome life and get ready for a hunt of the tribe you belong to, in search of your tribe-mates!


    "Yahoooo.....!! Chahe koi mujhejungleekahe..kehne do jeekehtarahe.....!!"

    Yes! We are here Celebrating Indian Cinema since there's no better conqueror we ever had when it comes to reuniting with our old lost siblings, friends, family members....! Whether they are lost in KumbhMela or in any jhamela, our Bollywood has neither failed nor will ever dwindle to explore a happy ending, irrespective of any tribe! Separated by nature, united by culture...unite together with your mates AGAIN but with some craziness of-course!! So come on people, get your antigens injected and hold your breath as for sure you are in no way going to chop the nose of our India Cinema off! All the best!


    1. Individual registrations will be done, kindly do not confuse it to be a group participation. 2. All the registered participants will be randomly divided in a group of 8 members where each group will be assigned a particular tribal name. 3. The group members won't be knowing who their tribe-mates are though they'll just know their tribe's name. 4. The participants will then be left in different arenas within the college campus without any knowlegde of where the rest of their 7 soulmates are. 5. Finally the actual task! Identify your tribe-mates, for instance, by loudly calling the names of the tribe you belong to and so will your other group members be doing in order to communicate. 6. Reunite. And the tribe which gets together first, that octet wins! Have fun! Registration: Free

  • Star Sitaara


    QuizMaster: Biswojoy Sen


    Worth INR 10000/-



    All the master artists are invited to submit their paintings and sketches for this exhibition. The best of the best will be awarded handsomely.



    All you photogenic lads and lasses click your best shots and upload them on FB. Should you have the maximum number of likes and are adored by our judges; you would be victors of this fantastic event. So start clicking!

  • Funtoosh


    A quiz based on animes and cartoons.




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    Something well begun is half done. In our case, the opening night is just the prelude to all the heart-thumping and fist-pumping mayhem that is set to follow..

    The onset of the annual celebration of the eclectically amassed bundle of creativeness is declared open for one and all amidst joy and fervour. Past editions of Sparsh have witnessed troops like Pryomania, Hungarian Face Team, Nigel Mead, Antriksh band, Hand Shadowgraphy artistes Amar and Sabyasachi Sen, Jay Walt, The Team of Laser Show. These maestros are surely and quiet aptly going to leave you wanting more!


    Arcane legends proclaim that the nerdy scientists and engineers you see during the day at SVNIT are in truth dancing superstars who on this one particular night clandestinely gyrate to the rhythmic tunes and groovy beats. The night mentioned is none other than the Dancing Night! From hip hop to contemporary to salsa, this night is a complete package of entertainment for each of you out there and you will definitely join in, swaying to the music.


    Attention, viewers! It has been reported by our men on the field that in the past few years, people attending the Singing Night in SVNIT have refused to leave the field, chanting “We want more!”; and this time around our covert sources state that the very same people who were responsible for the spreading this epidemic originally are conniving to do the same this time around. So beware, witness this night at your own risk!. Aptly titled as ‘Jhankar Beats’, this night witnesses the singing maestros amongst the students and professors alike, unifying one and all in the melodious sounds. SVNIT has its own share of Shaans and Shreya Ghoshals. You’ve got solo, duet and group performances singing a mixture of classical, western, rock, jazz, popular folklore music. It is a night to be felt from the heart, more than seen.


    People wait with abated breath, waiting for this night; the night that defines Sparsh. It’s the night where the folks see their idols in flesh and blood perform live in front of their very eyes. Yes you guessed it, it is the Celebrity Night! Almost the entire college empties out on the grounds for a night of fun and frolic, and party to the entertainment of the night – the celebrity. Many eminent and known personalities have graced the occasion with their presence. The stalwarts include Kailash Kker, K.K, Salim-Suleiman, Daler Mehndi, Euphoria, Mohit Chauhan, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Bombay Rockers and Parikrama. This night liberates the exhaustion and drains out the energy from everyone, ending the fest on a high note and in crescendo. If ever there was a perfect ending, this is that.


    Panache – The night where Fashion takes the centre stage and how! The night where each captivated viewer is forced to say- Fashion ka hai yeh Jalwa!

    The stage gives everyone a chance to prove themselves that they are the ones to lead the pack when it comes to showing off their talents. Set across various themes, it is one of the most tantalizing nights of all. The divas and hunks of the college display their beauty through the themes like Caribbean, The Mafia, Weddings, Corporate, Red Carpet and set the stage on fire. Furthermore, these tantalizing budding supermodels will garb themselves in apparel from all corners of the country in the cultural round.

  • One Two Three

    Win a race? Naah, that’s not good enough for us! We want you to win 3! Take up our challenge, and compete in three races, one after the other, and show us your worth! Come, participate in this ‘race after race’ competition at Sparsh ’14 and prove yourself!

  • Takeshi’s Castle

    Ever been fascinated by the fun the participants of Takeshi’s castle had? Here at SVNIT, we offer you our very own absolutely bombastic version of Takeshi’s Castle! Come, participate, lose your heads and take a whole bundle of laughs back home.

  • Human Snakes and Ladders

    Zoom in to a lifelike version of snakes and ladders. Roll the dice and see all the snakes slither around you as you try and get to the ladder before anyone else gets ahead of you in this game of do or die. Sparsh ’14 gives you a chance to be your own game piece!

  • Twister (Tangled)

    Twist, bend and get entangled in this random mess of colours!! Down on all your fours, balancing on a toe or standing upright, flex yourself and face it all. Sparsh ‘14 welcomes you to enjoy the game of ‘Twisters’!!! So watch as your luck unfolds (literally)!!

  • Arm Wrestling

    (Haath ka mail) Here comes your way the real test of endurance, strength, technique and resistance! Battle your way to pin down your opponents, let the true muscle speak. Arm wrestle your way through Sparsh ’14.

  • Paintball

    Rifle. Load. Fire. Welcome to an exciting blend of strategy, teamwork, action and adventure, also known as paintball. Paintball gives you the chance of experiencing a real life war scenario. Hide behind the defenses or tear across the field with a gun in hand, the choice is yours to make. No other adventure sport will give you the adrenaline rush in a combat form better than paintball. The game can be played in variations such as terrorist-counter terrorist, capture the flag and many other fun- filled team oriented approaches. Come enjoy this experience at Sparsh ’14!


    NFS, NBA, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, PES( Pro Evolution Soccer), WWE! Don’t let that controller slip my friends! Gaming buddies, hunt your way through the jungle of the playstation madness!

  • Paper Dress

    Sparsh '14 gives you an exciting opportunity to show off your designing skills and bring out the fashionista in you but with a twist. “Come in pairs and dress up your partner in funky trendy style but with PAPER!!!!!” Oh yes... Its the paper dress event. Note: all materials shall be provided on the spot by the day events team.

  • Band Baja Baraat

    Here comes “Sparsh Ki Baraat”.... If u have that urge for passionate crazy whacky baraat dancing... There is no better place to go... Join the dilkhol B3, Sparsh '14 .... Let ur energy be your moves....

  • Hare ek friend zaroori hota hai

    Ever wanted to test the potential of your friendship, wondering if there was some way to prove its strength? Waiting for some platform, an opportunity you never got. So here it is a platform provided to you to prove out to the world what friendship is, your sole chance, har ek friend zaroori hota hai.

  • Kacche Dhage

    Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hain dum!!!! Do you think you are strong? IF you want to flex your muscles, and impress all, come to this classical but paisa-vasool game, Tug of War and show everyone that who is the asli Dabang!

  • Karaoke

    Hum bhi Rockstar! Bathroom singers? If you can't sing alone, sing in a group! “Aur music ka maza toh sabke saath hi aata hain”. So, sync in your voices and tunes, in Karaoke!

  • Leggy Cricket

    Leg cricket is an Indian game. Leg cricket is a modified form of cricket in which we use our leg in place of bat and use a big ball, Size zero football, in place of leather ball. The game originated in India and is growing very fast to other parts of the globe. It is one of the fastest developing game of India. Leg cricket has the fun of cricket and technique of football and cricket both.

  • Minute To Win It

    60 seconds on the clock. Every participant will get a minute to win it. The tasks will be provided on the spot and it should be completed before the second hand clicks 60. Tasks that would be provided will be simple but tricky like place 4 empty cans one on the other on the plastic plate floating in a bowl of water.

  • Housie

    Popularly known as Tambola and purely based on Luck, it is a game which has been cherishing each and every event from more than a decade. Numbers will be called out by an organizer and the same numbers, if present in the ticket of participant, will be cancelled out. The participant first cancelling all the numbers would be the winner.

  • Housie

    Its the tastiest challenge around at Sparsh when you are bored with eating mess food and out of bucks to buy them. You will be given a wide variety of delicious food, and will get rewarded for gulping it down so live your fantasy eating it all. The more you eat, greater are the benefits.

  • Dodge Ball

    Dodge Ball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw large balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them.